Just Prompt Me books, an imprint of Catalyst Publications, Inc.,
proud to be the publisher of the Just Prompt Me series.

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Charlotte Rains Dixon & Nancy Paulson Fox:  a unique collaboration of literary and artistic talents.      Charlotte, from Portland, Oregon, and Nancy, from Kirkland, Washington are co-creators of Just Prompt Me.   Together they have created a series of journals to motivate and inspire the writer within everyone. 

[A] journal of prompts, one of the handiest tools for writers available.  A prompt can get you—and keep you—writing faster than anything else we know.  Prompts are endlessly flexible, creative and useful, which is why we’ve assembled this book full of them for you.  And let us repeat, a prompt will get you writing.  And that’s the point, right?

When you’re a writer getting yourself to write is paramount.  If you have a choice between doing almost anything and writing, you’ll choose writing.  If you have a limited time in which to choose an activity, most writers choose writing.

  • Exercise or write?  -- Write!
  • Reading a book or write? -- Write! 
  • Putting another load of laundry through or write?  -- Write!

Writers understand conflict because we live with it every single day--that exquisite tension between writing and not writing.   If you’re writing, life is good, no matter what else is going on.  If you’re not writing, you can be the happiest person ever and still a little light is missing from the world.

Thus, getting yourself writing is paramount.   But what to do if you can’t write for some reason?  What if you are blocked?  Enter prompts

A prompt is a trigger, an idea-generator, a suggestion, a direct route to your unconscious mind.  Usually short, as in a sentence or a phrase (but sometimes as long as a paragraph), a prompt is simply a starting point that will help you subvert the conscious mind’s tendency to wring its hands and obsess about writing rather than actually writing.

We invite you to purchase one or more of our Just Prompt Me series of journals, turn the pages and begin.    It’s that easy, and a lot more fun than that additional load of laundry.


Charlotte Rains Dixon
Nancy Paulson Fox